What is Tarot and Oracle really about? Part two

Welcome back to my Blog!!  In my previous blog, What is Tarot and Oracle really about – Part One, I explained a few terms like “The Field” and what it means to be psychic.  Today I would like to elaborate on that subject a little more…

When I “remembered” I am an Oracle at first, I was terrified… How will  get messages I need to give people, people I’ve never met before, people I now nothing about… and these people will come to me for advice and to “see” the way forward!  Yes… it can be terrifying, and it was!  When I got back to me again and the fear subsided, I got the most important message ever.. nothing is EVER set in stone!!

This is where “The Field” comes in… when you go to a psychic for a reading, you might not always like what comes out, but it would be so much better if ever you can understand that what any psychic ever sees is the strongest possibility in the field at that moment in time… meaning, if you don’t like what you’re hearing and you don’t like the outcome, this is the invitation the Universe gives you to CHANGE it!

Whenever I look into someone’s future, let’s say they come to me and ask what the outcome of a decision might be… I look, I tell them what I see and now they really don’t like it, it’s very simple… look at other avenues, pathways, other decisions that would lead to a better outcome.

This is what Tarot and Oracle REALLY is about… when I do a reading for someone, even for the collective… I see the strongest possibilities at that moment!  Tarot and Oracle is like a weather forecast.  If you know it’s gonna rain tomorrow, you will not plan any outdoor activities and you will make sure you have your umbrella with you. With Tarot, if you know what the energies look like, you will know how to handle them.  For instance.. the night before you check out the weather and you see it’s gonna rain.  You completely forget about it.  This morning as you open the door to go to work, you notice the sky is turning grey and all of a sudden you remember the forecast said that it might rain today.  So you run back, grab your umbrella and you’re ready for the rain, it might rain, it might not… but if it does, you are ready and equipped to handle it the best way you can!  Same with tarot… you might watch a reading and see something that might happen because the energy is present (the grey sky) but you forget about it.  Then all of a sudden something happens that triggers your memory of that reading and there you go!  Ready to handle these energies as they come in!  Just because you watched a tarot reading!  Now it might never even happen in your world, but did you think about why?  It might not have happened in your world because as you were watching the tarot reading, you decided then and there that this does not suit you energetically.  Everything is energy so you already transmuted the energies right there!

I know it all sounds a bit strange but if you apply your mind to this, you will understand it!

I am the Soul Teacher … here to teach!

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