What is Tarot and Oracle really about? – Part One

Tarot and Oracle seem to have a bad reputation among people. In the ancient times it was a widely used divination tool. Divination for good use… not bad omens or from bad spirits and definitely not opening the door to “bad spirits”!

Even in more recent years, tarot was considered only when you had no other place to go to and it normally meant that ones life was in a difficult or even a bad place. Readers would then most often than not… give a “bad” tarot reading.

Tarot and Oracle reading is a tool of divination as I mentioned before. What does divination really mean? In the dictionary, divination has the following meaning: “the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means” ~ Google

To seek knowledge of the future is quite doable… many psychics have proven this gift is indeed very real… the word psychic however, might throw you off a bit! Humanity also seem to have a different view of what it is to be truly psychic. In the dictionary, psychic means: “relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance” ~ Google

Well now!! That’s quite a mouthful… chuckle chuckle… inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance. For someone that doesn’t understand what clairvoyance or all the other “clairs” mean… don’t worry about it too much! The minutia of all of that is just another way to complicate things!

I never thought I was psychic! Didn’t even know what it meant, really. I was 35 years of age when I realized that the “colours” I see when I close my eyes are not normal… very few people see it, most people see only darkness when they close their eyes. If you don’t know what other people’s “normal” is… how would you know what is normal and what’s not?

Being psychic simply means that you can access “The Field” as well as the other person’s innate.

“The Field” mmmm… what is that?? The field is what connects all of the Universe and all it’s inhabitants. It is the magnetic field that interconnects all that is. Yes I know.. it’s technical… but stick with me in coming blogs and I will tell you all about all of these things!

“The Innate” mmmm… what is that?? This is the part of you that is interdimensional. The part that basically connects your physical being with your spiritual being, your Higher Self, your Soul, the God-part in you. All of us have the ability to be in connection with at least our own innate, that little voice that tells you to do things or not do something. Intuition…

How do these two things connect with each other? Well… if the Field is the “thing” that connects all of the Universe and it’s inhabitants and you as a psychic can access that field… would it not mean that you can “see” the possibilities in that Field? And by connecting with the other person’s innate, would you not be able to see the possibilities of the other person?

But before we get to that… what do I mean when I talk about possibilities?

This is where every person’s free will comes in. Free will is the ultimate Universal Law and we can never get away from that. Because of this… every person can choose their own directions. Let’s say someone comes to me for a reading in order to get guidance on a decision they need to make.

They will tell me about their options and I will look into their Field. What I see there would not be set in stone, at all!! What I see is the possibility of what might happen if they take the decision that is strongest in their Field at that moment. This is where the fun part comes in that very few people know about.. mostly because this has been exploited so that people can come back for more readings, paying more money, and stay stuck in fear… if you are not stuck in fear anymore … would you go back for a tarot reading? Humans tend to turn to things like readings when things are bad in their lives, not good… as we do with everything else, God, the bible, church, prayer, meditation, all of the above…

Now the way I connect these things works like this. You come to me for a reading. The readings I do are all channeled by me personally. You are welcome to take a look on My YouTube channel to see the different readings I’ve done, all channeled by me. When I do your reading I will see the things strongest in your Field at that moment. Chances are that, if you don’t like the outcome of the reading, you can change your mind then and there! Which means that, if I draw another card on your outcome it will most definitely NOT be the same, as you decided that you want to go another way. The rest I will follow up on my next blog!! Stay tuned….

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