What is a Natal Chart Reading?

What is a Natal Chart Reading anyway?

Well let me tell you… this has blown my mind!! I’ve always been very interested in Astrology. From that interest and the many things I read on Astrology, I had a pretty good idea about what it entailed! I was fascinated by how the planetary energies play into our lives! I did tarot/oracle readings about these and it was always enlightening! However… when I finally decided a while ago it’s time to become a professional Astrologer, my mind was absolutely blown away!

What this reading really is, is the planetary energies right at the moment you were born! Having the time of your birth is quite important, although there is a work-around for that. The way your planets are situated in the different Astrological Houses says everything about who you really are, how you present yourself to the world and what you can expect from your life.

Is it real?

Oh yes! This is VERY real indeed!! This is who your Soul decided you to be in this life to get to the goals and purpose you set out for yourself in this life. Thing is.. we have free will and we are programmed from the moment we are born… this is quite unfortunate. The beauty of having your Natal Chart Reading done, is that you can then see how far you’ve “strayed” from your path and how to get back on it!

Why is this so important?

Well, when your Soul decided on the best path for your life, it was set out in a way that you could learn the lessons you wanted. Now the lessons to learn is the hard part. Our Souls never intended for us to suffer, unfortunately this is how the Human Being learns the best… by suffering! Now the fun side of this reading is to see where things are easy for you! Where your passion lies and how to get to it! If you follow the passion and your Heart in your career, it can only ever lead to wealth, in every way possible!

What is this reading all about?

I have many options to choose from on my website, please follow this link to see what suits you best!

From all these different readings, you will be able to see how you present yourself to the world, who you really are and how you process emotions. You can also understand why there are certain patterns that keep repeating themselves in your life and how you can get rid of them!

This reading will have you grow in all aspects of your life! It helps you see you strengths as well as your weaknesses! This makes it so much easier to navigate the Universe!!

What is my passion?

You might have asked yourself this question countless times! How do you really find out what your passions are? Well… this reading of your natal chart can bring you closer to that answer! And when you follow your passion and your heart… the money will follow also!! This is where we can make a difference in the world! Living our Soul Purpose will be the most fulfilling thing we will ever do!

Follow me on this Journey of Self discovery and order your Birth Chart Reading now!

Thank you so much for your support!


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