The Twin Flame Journey ~ Why did I have to suffer?

What does it mean to be a Twin?  What is the Twin Flame Journey all about?

I started my Soul Teacher channel a little more than a year ago.  I did not want to do anything that involved Twin Flames or the Twin Flame Journey… Why would that be?  Well…. I’ve been on this Twin Flame Journey for almost 4 years now.  It’s been rough and tough, the most difficult part of my life, ever!!!

What makes it difficult?

What makes it even more difficult is all the dogma around Twin Flames, the labels, the terminology, the “perceived” knowledge about Twin Flames.  The truth is… every Twin Flame Journey will be different, some things will resonate with you, some things not.  If something doesn’t resonate, don’t go into retrograde about it like I did, move on, read up some more and find what really resonates with your Soul and go with that!

Another very big lesson I’ve learnt… as time goes on and you learn and become more “settled” into your Journey, things that might not have resonated with you earlier might become more clear to you now and thus will resonate more.

The biggest “rule”

The biggest “rule” for me around Twin Flames, is, don’t put limits on you, your Twin or your Journey!  Things change, nothing will EVER stay the same!  If it does, it means that you’re not moving forward!

As with anything on your Spiritual Journey, always go with your intuition, seek guidance from your Higher Self and your Spiritual Team, you will always find a marker to point you in the right direction!

Very recently, I discovered that even though I really just want to ignore the fact that I am a Twin Flame, the Journey can never be ignored… Luckily, through new insights and Soul Growth, Shadow work, very intense Shadow work for almost a year, non-stop, I have to come to new conclusions about the Twin Flame Journey!

Why Did I Decide To Add The Twin Flame Journey To My Services?

I’ve always known that my Soul purpose in this life is to help Lightworkers with the transition into the new energy.  This is the first time on this planet we are in the place we are at right now.  Where the Light-Dark quotient is such that we can now move into lighter, less dense energy.  It is time to usher in the Golden Age of Aquarius!  It is time we move this to the next phase!

The same goes for the Twin Flame Journey!  I can now stand back and watch my Journey from the start, understand why I had to suffer to greatly, I needed to understand the Journey for what it really is, get myself to that point of growth that I can now see things from a different perspective and lead the rest of Humanity into that place!

Follow me on this Journey to understanding what a Twin Flame Journey really is and why we are on it.

Twin Flame Teachings

I started a new YouTube channel called Twin Flame Teachings.  Please feel free to subscribe and watch how this Journey can unfold for you as well as your Twin Flame.  For guidance, teachings and whatever Spirit guides me to work on.  Please click here to see what my channel is all about.

Twin Flame Readings now available!

I have decided to also do Twin Flame Readings now.  I do compatibility readings according to yours and your Twin Flame’s zodiac signs, Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus signs, with a detailed explanation and maybe some guidance for you to follow to make your Journey easier and to understand each other better. To book this reading with me, please click here. This is a very intense and extensive reading.

I also do a Twin Flame reading to see where you’re at on your Journey, where there are shadow areas to work with in yourself, in your Twin as well as in your relationship.  To book a reading, please click here.

I would like to thank you for your support and for the honor of being able to serve you and your Twin Flame Journey.


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