The Tarot Journey

The Tarot Journey

A brand new Journey started with YOU!

I did Tower readings a while ago and decided to do a meditation where I channel the energy of Pluto, the planet of change, to find out what changes I can bring to my own life for ascension.

I did not expect to get an answer regarding my YouTube channel but that’s exactly what happened! I was told to start a Journey with my followers, a Tarot Journey, where I will channel new readings for every single card in the Tarot deck!

The First card in the Major Arcana

The very first card in the deck is numbered 0 and is called The Fool. Naturally, that’s where I started! Quite some time ago I did channel the Fool energy through a reading but I was told that the energies are so new that we should start fresh and Journey to our True Selves! How exciting!

To watch your reading, click  here and click on your zodiac sign for your video!

Remember to watch your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus signs for a complete picture!

Thank you so much for your support and I am looking forward to sharing this Journey with you!!





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