The High Priestess

Tarot reading on The High Priestess

Recently a very close friend of mine suggested I channel a tarot reading for the two of us about the High Priestess. It came out of the blue while we were having a conversation. She’s very intuitive as well. I was quite excited to do this!

I channeled the reading and was taken back a little bit when I realized the importance of this reading…

The Channel

I’ve been having a lot of fun on my YouTube channel. I am a tarot and oracle reader as you know, but I do my readings a little differently. It all started out when I was going through a really difficult time in my life and I started navigating my shadows to get back into the Light. Spirit would give me the image of a tarot card and told me to sit down and channel a reading. The result was absolutely enlightening. Even though by no means fun! Shadow work, REAL shadow work, takes you deep into the darkest corners of yourself, forcing you to shine the Light on the shadows to incorporate them into the Light!

When I did the High Priestess reading, once again I felt myself in awe as to what Spirit is trying to bring us.

What is the High Priestess tarot card all about?

The High Priestess represents our Intuition, our Higher Self, guidance from our Higher Self. She can also represent things hidden and mystery.

The reading I channeled from Spirit is all about what she wants to show us and we simply don’t see. Something she sees as positive and we perceive as negative and then vice versa. Also why we flip these energies around. She then gives us the lesson our Higher Self wants us to learn right now and guidance from the High Priestess herself.

This was extremely enlightening and that’s why I decided to do this reading on my channel too!

If you would like to see your reading, following this link, choose your zodiac sign and you will be taken to your video!

Please note, watch your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus signs for a complete picture for you!

I hope this helps some of you to navigate these new and exciting energies flowing in for us!




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