Welcome to a brand new week in November 2021!

This week’s collective energy is the 4 of Wands !!!! This is a very cool energy and I am super excited to bring you the channeled readings for all zodiac signs as well!! As I write this… I am offloading the video onto my computer and will edit and post as soon as I can!  In the mean time.. I am taking the time to write about this awesome energy!

What is the 4 of Wands energy about?

Like I said.. this energy is absolute awesome!  The 4 of Wands is all about a stable foundation, a happy family, marriage, Twin Flames and Soulmates!! It is such a great energy to be in, it embodies the energies of unconditional love, of getting past all obstacles and reaching the end of the line, victoriously!! It is all about taking a leap of faith on love and companionship, in the knowing that it is safe to love!

What can stand in the way of this energy?

There is always a shadow to the light… it is one of the most important Laws of the Universe, the Law of Polarity.  Everything has a twin, we as people, within and without, the one reflects the other perfectly. When we do not integrate the shadow sides of the energy, it is possible that the shadow might take the Light, this will come to a place of imbalance. This actually has come out for Taurus today… So if you have Taurus in your chart, watch out for that… Bring those energies back into balance.

Something positive

In the zodiac readings I’ve done, I explored the one good thing we have going for us going positively forwards on our 4 of wands Journeys! To get your reading, click here. This is something we can focus on to make sure we move forwards, not stagnate and not get stuck in our shadows.

Our Shadows

In the individual zodiac readings, I made sure we know what is our shadow, and what is the block we’re creating for ourselves to support this shadow. Yes…. you read that right!  We have shadow energies, and because we have those shadow energies (that we haven’t worked through and integrated yet), we create blocks for ourselves to keep us safe from hurt.  However… the sooner we work through these shadow energies and then integrate them into the Light, the blocks simply disappear without us having to do anything about them!  Neat, isn’t it??

A favorite Spiritual Teacher

One of my favorite Spiritual Teachers is definitely Phil Good, I have learnt SO much from him!!  He had a wonderful post the other day and I’d like to share it with you!

This was so profound… and it fits in perfectly with the collective energy this week!

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