Sacred Art – The Door to your New Energy

Now that’s a mouthful!! Welcome to 2022! This is the year of balance, of new gifts, of brand new, extremely powerful energy of Light!

What is Sacred Art all about?

Sacred Art is any form of art that’s channeled. I’ve always known I’m a clear channel, that’s why I have a tarot channel on YouTube and why I do psychic readings. I am a teacher, I am a clear channel of the Universe. For the last four years, I’ve been a practicing accountant, that’s how I earn my living. However… I love doing this work so much that my biggest desire (and probably the one I resist the most) is to do my Spiritual work for a living, I’ve been in such turmoil about it because my desire is to do Soul Work… and then I have to sit and do accounting work because I am a single mother and that’s the only income I have.

I remember in December 2021, I poured myself a glass of red wine ( I LOVE red wine), I went to sit outside, looking out over the ocean and saying to the Universe. I don’t care how it happens, I don’t know how it will happen, but my desire is to earn a good living from doing the Soul Work I love so much!

A door opened

When we make such a statement, we don’t always realize how strong that statement is. I said that from the bottom of my heart, I had such an elevated emotion around that statement that there is no way the Universe would not respond to that!

Dr Joe Dispenza wrote a book called You are the placebo, in this book he explains the importance and power of an elevated emotion. This is how manifestation works! The Universe doesn’t speak English, it speaks frequency! The Heart send out stronger frequencies than the brain, this is where we feel emotion. When that emotion is strong enough (negative or positive) that what send the message out for the Universe to respond to!

When I sent out that message, I opened an energetic door! Let me tell you all about it!!!

My Energetic Door

I love playing around with clay. I’ve never been a creative person really, I can’t paint, can’t draw, I’ve always wanted to but it really isn’t my strong suit! Around the middle of 2021, I started noticing clay objects on my Pinterest page! Now that was interesting! When I started my Pinterest account, I did so with the intention that I use Pinterest to get messages from the Universe that I won’t normally hear or see. Once again… intention is everything! So when all these little clay sculptures popped up on my page, I took notice.  The moment I did that, I noticed little videos of people sculpting these things also popped up, so I watched a few. I felt such a passionate fire burning in my chest, I really wanted to start sculpting. So I did… I went out and bought clay and some tools to use for sculpting. My Journey started, without me even knowing about it…

My Sculpting Journey

I had the intention of making something for my friend, we have this thing about doors … whenever something new needs to come into our lives, we always see pictures of doors everywhere! I wanted to create her very own door for her as a christmas present. Little did I know what would happen when I sit down to create this door for her!

When I started sculpting, I suddenly received these images in my mind… with messages for her! I started sculpting what I was given in my mind, step by step. I was amazed by the outcome! I was even given the colors to use on the sculpture and the name of it!

The Psychedelic Chameleon

I was told exactly what to put on this and what every single symbol, feature, animal and object meant! When you choose to allow me to create this door for you, a full report on everything I got while creating your door will accompany your sculpture!

The Significance of Clay

I was quite amazed by what has happened and through creating this door for my friend… I realized that this has also opened the door for me! When I sat down in mediation about all of this, I was told about the significance of clay. Clay is Earth… With me creating a sculpture of your new energy, I am also anchoring this new energy into the Earthly realm, into your reality! Literally opening the door for you!

Feel free to check out the page where you can order yours here !

Thank you for your support!  I am so excited and honored to open your Door for you!!



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