Sacred Art - Your New Energy Door

Sacred Art - Your New Energy Door


The psychedelic Chameleon

Have you ever felt you that there is a new avenue for you to go down, a new road, a new Journey, but you simply don't know what it is about?

Allow me to channel your New Energy Door through Sacred Art.

Your sculpture will include the new energy that you need to open the door for and you will get channeled messages from Spirit through me.

Your sculpture can consist of a number of things or maybe just one or two.

This is what's been coming through on some of the sculptures I've done:

  • Animal Guides
  • Sacred Symbols
  • Something that pertains specifically to your new journey
  • Colors
  • New Spirit Guides
  • Sacred Geometry

Accompanying your sacred art sculpture will be a full report on channeled messages, the meaning of what came through on your art piece, even sometimes the name of your piece!


20 cm x 20 cm

33.33$ or R530

40cm x 40cm

44.44$ or R711

50cm x 50cm

55.55$ or R888.80