Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Session

I am a qualified hypnotherapist.  This regression session can be done via live video feed or in person (I live in South Africa).

I can also do a reading for you without the hypnosis, where I go into your Akashic records and your Higher Self with show me exactly what you need to know about and see.  This will have to interactive as I will give you the chance to ask question I will answer.  I will be sending you an audio file where I would like you to briefly go into meditation to connect with me energetically and give me permission to enter your Akashic Library.

This is quite insightful because during this reading or hypnotic session  a lot of negative energies are transmuted into positive.  Things that might have happened to you as a child, where you are now being given the chance to look at the same scenario as an adult, this can change your perspective completely and therefore change the energy around  a situation.

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