Natal Chart Readings

Das Horoskop

Big 3 Chart Reading

The Big 3 is your Sun, Moon and Rising signs.

This reading comes with a complete interpretation of your Big 3 and their rulers.

This shows who you are, how you present yourself to the world and your emotional Self.

$30 or R480

Big 3 + Planets

This readings explains your Big 3, Sun, Moon and Rising signs as well as their rulers.

A complete interpretation of the placements of all your planets and the influence they have on your life.

This reading also includes the pattern of your chart and what that means for you in your life.

We explore your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

$45 or R720

Chart reading with Aspects

This reading includes your Big 3, Planets and Aspects.

Aspects are the good and "bad"  placements of your planets. This can influence your life greatly but with this information, you will know exactly how to navigate this energy to have a positive effect on your life!

$55 or R880

Complete Chart Reading

This is a complete reading of your Natal chart.

This reading includes your Big 3 with rulers, your planets and aspects.

In this reading I also give you your career and love info as well as an audit of your elements and how this can influence your life.

$90 or R1440