Judgment ~ Energy forecast for 13-19 December 2021

JUDGEMENT ~ The collective energy for the week of 13-19 Dec 2021


What is the meaning of the Judgement card in the tarot?

Judgement is the number 20 Major Arcana card of the tarot.  When I draw a card for the collective energy for the week, I always do individual zodiac readings with this energy.  I channel all the tarot readings I have on my channel and offer to clients for purchase.  Recently, with the 11:11 portal I had a lot of fun (and some challenges…) to channel a card for every zodiac sign. It was so insightful!

Anyway… I digress…. what is the Judgement card all about?  Whenever the Judgement card comes out in a reading, it is sure that the querent (the person being read for) will have some kind of shift in energy in order to push him/her closer towards their Soul Path. The Path that you signed a contract for before incarnating in this life. This is quite often coupled with a tower moment or two… when your foundations are really shaken up to reveal the foundations, or pieces thereof, that is not stable. This is uncomfortable energy to say the least!

Judgement as our collective energy

My master Teacher, Kryon, taught me that we are all in the same soup of energy. That’s why astrological energy, eg planets in retrograde or going direct, even the moon, influences us all so much. Which is also the reason why tarot is so valuable. It’s like a weather forecast. If you know what energies are available, it is so much easier to utilize and plan accordingly.

Anyway.. Judgement is our collective energy this week. When I started delving deeper into this energy, I was super surprised to learn about the South Node and North Node that is transitioning.

Let me explain…

What is the South Node transition?

First… what is the South Node?  The South Node is all about our karma, about the things that we need to release and let go, to make space for the new energy to come into our lives.

So this South Node transition that is ending now, is in Scorpio. Node transitions normally take around 18 months. This is the end of the South Node transition in Scorpio. Scorpio is death and rebirth! So yes… this is why this energy feels so incredibly strong and hard to push through!

What is the North Node transition?

The North Node is all about our Soul path, what we intended to be or become when we incarnated this life. Sound familiar?  Sounds A LOT like Judgement, doesn’t it! Because that is exactly what it is, the same as the Judgement energy! This North Node transition is happening from January 2022 until July 2023.

This is why this energy is so tough on us… we are at the ending of a 18 month cycle and about to step into our Soul Purpose!

Please feel free to watch the Energy Forecast of 13-19 December 2021 as well as your zodiac videos. Feel free to watch your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus signs, it’s incredible how the picture fits together when you watch all of those signs!

If you don’t know what your different placements are, please go to Cafe Astrology, it’s very easy to get your natal chart in a few minutes! I even use that site myself to get my clients birthcharts when I do readings for them!

Click here to find your Judgement Readings for each zodiac sign!

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