Divine timing for manifestation. What is meant by Divine Timing?





What is Divine timing? When is Divine timing?  Why do I have to wait for Divine timing? How can I speed up Divine timing?

These are all question all of us ask on our Spiritual Journeys.  In the beginning stage of my Journey, I was under the impression that I had to wait until whenever things are aligned for my endeavors to come to fruition.  My next thought was, ok… so what do I do in the mean time?

I am extremely grateful to say that during my Journey I learned enough to know that Divine timing is entirely up to us!  Yes …. you read that correctly!! Divine timing simply is when we ourselves are ready for the next step!

Let me explore this with you a little deeper!

Time really does not exist … We as human beings, living in the 3D world, on the planet Earth, need time in order to make sense of what is happening with us and around us.  It is a very controversial and difficult concept to understand as a human being.  Just step back from the ego mind for a second and try to see this from a Higher Perspective.

We’ve heard so many times that everything really happens at once, past, present and future.  Once we get entangled with the past or the future, or both, we completely miss out on the present and thus may really miss out on a lifetime of experiences and growth for humanity.

It is so important to stay in the now-moment!  Nothing is more powerful than that!  This is the only way we can ever move forward.  If we live in the past, with our thoughts constantly returning to the past, maybe a passed over loved one, maybe a broken relationship, maybe a broken life, we remain in that past energy.

As we may or may not know… in order for us to successfully and positively move forward in life, we need to be in the present, working through those past emotional, turbulent and chaotic feelings in order to get to the other side of them.  The only way out is through! Think about it…. let’s say you’re standing in front of a big river, there’s no water but there is a lot of sludgy mud.

You need to be on the other side to continue your Journey.  There is no way around this sludgy, muddy river and nothing that will help you over without touching the mud.  You finally decide it’s time to dive in and start moving because you realize that you can no longer stand here and think about moving without actually going anywhere!

You take the first step, it’s very uncomfortable and you don’t know what will surface when you start treading through this mud… so there is a little fear involved but you need to push on.  You take the next step and you sink a little deeper.  Now you’re starting to wonder if this was a good idea, I mean… what if the mud becomes so deep that it envelopes you completely!

Now real fear sets in! Oh crap… what have I done… but you’re precariously balancing in mid-step and realize that you do need to put your other foot down in order to remain standing, so you do that… but you start to take really big steps because this is really frightening the living daylights out of you!  Now you’re smack in the middle of this sludgy, muddy riverbed.  All of a sudden you are waist deep in this mud!  Oh no!!

Of course the instinct is to run, to get back to where you know it is safe.  You have no idea what’s in front of you but you do know what’s behind you!  So … you might turn and run.  It’s not “time” yet you whisper to yourself… maybe if you wait a little longer, the sun will dry out the mud a little and the passage will be safer.  So you go back and wait a little longer… a day turns into a week, into a month, into a year, into a decade.  You are quite comfortable on the “safe” side of the riverbed, you get a few cocktails going, the sunbed is out, a few snacks maybe… and you have lots of company!  So many people are too scared to get in!

Then everyone notices a newcomer to the crowd.  Everyone welcomes this new person and offers a cocktail.  The new person stands around a bit, talks to a few people and then goes to the edge.  There is absolute quiet… the newcomer turns around and asks why no one wants to cross to other side…

“Did you see the splendor on the other side???  Flowing grass, wildflowers, beautiful and abundant fruit trees, sunshine!! Why are you all sitting on this side?  It’s dark here… and rainy… the sun never really gets to this side of the riverbed, does it?”

“You stand up and walk over to the edge.  You take the newcomer by the shoulder and softly say … I wanted to cross once.  I was right in the middle of it and the mud came up to my waist!  It was terrifying! I didn’t know how long I would be able so survive in there, so I decided to wait for the right time to cross on the safe side.  You know, until the sun has dried out the mud a little more.”

The newcomer looks at you and says: “But the sun never really gets to this side… how will the mud ever dry out?  You said you were in the middle… don’t you think if you kept going that the mud would then again become shallower?  The only way out is through my friend…. I am ready NOW, the time for me is NOW!  You are all welcome to follow me through… I will take the lead!”

And so the newcomer takes the first, uncomfortable, unnerving step.  Yes, the newcomer also feels all those emotions and fears.  The difference is… the newcomer’s sights is set on the sun on the other side!

The newcomer (and the line of followers) gets to the middle of the riverbed.  Yes, it sure is waist deep!  But the newcomer musters up the courage to take the next step!  The newcomer starts to rise up out of the mud a little more with each step taken!  As they get closer to the other side, the sun comes out and the steps become a lot easier.  Finally… the newcomer sets foot on the other side.

The sun shines so brightly onto the newcomer that all the mud disappears and a beautiful Light starts to emanate from the newcomers body!  The Light is so bright that it looks like a Lighthouse is lit up!

All the people in tow come to the edge one by one.  Every single one feels the warmth of the sun on their faces.  There is so much appreciation and gratitude for the feeling of warmth, cleanliness and love!

Divine timing is all about when you are ready in yourself to take the next step!

How can you speed up Divine timing?  Take the first step and keep going!  Feel everything… work through the fear, face it!  When you face your fears, the fear loses it’s power over you forever!  Fear is not real… it’s something you conjure up in your own mind that keeps you from living your best life!

Scared to take the next step?  That’s ok… do it scared!  Feel the fear and do it anyway!  Courage is key here…

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I hope this helped you!


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