Death Fool Tarot ~ What does it mean when these two energies are together?

The Energies of the Death card and the Fool Card in tarot

These energies can be quite harsh to deal with… The truth it, if we don’t deal with these energies on our own, chances are good that the Universe will force you to deal with it.

Before we incarnated into this life, there were certain things we decided to achieve.  We have energetic markers that basically allows us to evolve as human beings the way our Souls decided on before incarnation.  The difficult and harsh energies we deal with in our lives are there for a reason.  To help us on this evolving Journey.  Because these energies are harsh and hard to deal with, we sometimes need a bit of a push…

This is where tarot and oracle readings come in so handy.  Our Souls uses these readings to set us on this path so that we can deal with this on our own terms.  However… sometimes we see the signs, we hear the messages but we are not able to step out of fear.  This is when we are pushed…

What is Death and The Fool all about?

It is basically about an energy or energies that need to die in our lives in order to make space for the new, Higher energy to come in.  It’s the closing out of a cycle and the start of a brand new one, always a step up!

Death and rebirth in a relationship ~ This might be to close out a cycle within that relationship and taking the relationship to a Higher level, sometimes… it’s the moving on from a relationship that is no longer serving us.

Death and rebirth in a job ~ This is the closing out of a cycle in our careers, maybe stepping into a promotion, maybe moving on to a new company to start a new job with more money and more opportunities.   Sometimes even a brand new career!

Death and rebirth in ourselves ~ This is when we recognize the patterns we’ve been stuck in our whole lives, not happy anymore with how this affects our lives, we now close out the cycle on that pattern and create a new way of living.

This is an energy that you can apply to absolutely every walk of your life!


Out with the old and In with the new!

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