About Me


I am Hermien, my passion and purpose in this life is to awaken and ascend humanity

I always questioned everything since I was a little girl.  I never got the answers I was looking for and mostly was told to not ask those questions because it just is that way.  I mostly suppressed it until I was awakened myself in the year 2015.

To awaken is not a comfortable feeling, I am here to help you with that process and make as easy and painless as possible...  Yes, it is possible!!


I am an Oracle, meaning I am psychic and can see over timelines, past, present and future.  I am a qualified hypnotherapist and I specialize in Past Life Regressions.  Fascinating subject ....

I have a YouTube channel you can follow for free tarot/oracle readings and I offer extended readings as well.


It is an honour that you chose me to be your Teacher, thank you!