8 – 14 November 2021 – Weekly Energy Forecast

Weekly Energy Forecast 8 – 14 November 2021

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I do intuitive energy forecasts every week and decided it’s time to blog about it as well!

The overall energy for this week, collectively, is The Moon.

The meaning of The Moon card in tarot

The Moon card in tarot (as we hear and were taught for a long time) represents fear.  The actual, original meaning for the moon energy in tarot is “The Unknown”.  We, as humans, fear the unknown.  Fear plays such a strong role on our planet that it basically, very nearly, took over everything else.   Because it plays such a strong role on Earth, we changed the meaning from “The Unknown” to “Fear”.

The Moon can also represent that whispering voice of our own intuition, of our Higher Selves.  I often say… if you want to know the difference between the voice of your Ego and the voice of your Higher Self… listen to the voice that whispers, that’s your Higher Self!  The voice of Ego is there (in an older energy) to keep you safe, so it needs to make sure you hear it in time, it screams…

I have done a reading on my YouTube channel, please follow this link to watch. This reading is timestamped for your ease to watch your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus signs.  You are also welcome to watch those of your partner to gain a better perspective of what they are going through and how you might make things easier for the both of you this week!  You can also do this for your kids, the knowledge of what the potential energy might look like for the coming is invaluable!  I always say, Tarot/Oracle is like a weather forecast.  If you know it’s gonna rain tomorrow, you will plan your day accordingly!  Same with energy… we are all in the same soup of Energy!  If we can rise above the obstacles by knowing what might come, what a pleasure!!

What does “The Moon” mean for us this week?

It is clear that, energetically, we are all coming to place this week where we are faced with forward movement.  This is an unknown energy, it really consists of potentials that need to be realized by us ourselves.  This creates fear, whenever we are faced with something new that we’ve never done before, we don’t know where it will lead us.  We can hope but we never really know… or do we?

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How do I face this fear positively?

We know exactly how things will turn out for us, because…. we create our own realities!!  Our thoughts and emotions paves the way forward.  By being aware of our thoughts and emotions and catching ourselves before we go too deeply into old energy and old habits, we can create the positive outcome we want! By creating our own realities, we don’t have to feel ANY fear whatsoever, because we are in control!

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