3 of Swords Energy

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog!  Today I want to explain the energy around the 3 of swords card!  Everyone knows this card as the broken heart card of the tarot.  What we tend to forget, is that this is in fact swords energy!

What is swords energy?  Swords energy relates to the mind.  How we think, what we think and how it all influences our lives.  Because the 3 of swords is mental energy, this does not pertain to the heart, it pertains to the mind.

How does play into the energy of this card?  Whenever you get this card in a reading, it is turning your attention to where you might THINK you have a broken heart.  A lot of times we tend to go within and see things from a twisted point of view.  Sometimes things happen in our lives that we don’t necessarily WANT to see.. We feel sad, alone, grumpy, heartbroken… and we don’t really know why.  Exploring the 3 of swords energy in your life might lead you to the answer of this question!

On my YouTube channel I have a set of readings for each zodiac sign about the 3 of swords energy.  You can also purchase a personal reading here.  Depending on what is happening in your life, we feel heartbroken about something and it ends up not being that at all!  It ends up being something that we don’t really want to look at or something we can’t see for some reason.  When we attend to this problem that is really causing us the trouble, a big block in our lives can simply disappear.  Maybe you think it’s something small that wouldn’t have that big an effect but in fact, it blocks the road forward.

It is never easy to do our shadow work, but it IS worth it!!

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