Tarot/Oracle Reading


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I connect with you energetically and you can choose a channeled reading from my list or I can channel a reading specific to you

* The next phase
* Guidance for change
* Abundance Spread
* Soul Activation Spread
* Reflecting on a Break-up spread
* Get your *shit* together spread
* Tarot mirror spread
* Let’s get read spread
* The decision making spread
* Embracing your inner Child
* Stressful situation
* Facing Fears spread
* Spiritual Union Spread (Romantic)
* Message from Spirit Guide
* How can I shift my focus from scarcity to gratitude
* Why the hell is this happening??
* 3 of swords tarot spread (The broken heart card of the tarot)
* Fixing abundance blocks spread
* Fixing success blocks spread
* How do I change my energy?
* How do I create stability in my life?
* The Devil spread (The Devil card in the tarot, toxic energies, repeating patterns)
* The Fates spread
* Changing a core belief spread
* Money block
* Manifestation blocks
* The 7 of wands spread (What am I defensive (blocking) about)
* Yin Yang (Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies in the Self)
* My Shadow


20 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 40 Minutes(Very detailed)


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