Birth Chart / Astrological Reading



I am not an astrologist…  With this reading, I take into account all the major placements in your chart and I build a Tarot and Oracle reading around your chart.

This is extremely valuable because you get to know yourself in a way that was never possible.  You learn things about yourself you didn’t even know was there, you find out why certain things in your life happened or keeps on happening.

I then give you guidance as to where you can break patterns in your life that is harmful or where you can shut out negative and toxic energies in your life.

I also give you pointers on how to go forward living a better life and being authentic to YOU!

This reading can be done via video (I then load it onto my YouTube account and send you the link to your private reading, or I can do it via email, with photos of your reading on a word document and a full explanation with it.


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